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Accountants, tax litigators, international tax planners, business consultants, lawyers specialized in contracts, trademarks and patents, notaries.
Senior salesman with reference, senior business developers, temporary export managers, networkers.
Graphic and logo designers, photographers, video makers, drone drivers, copywriters, mother-toungue translators, online marketers, media buyers, social media managers, seo specialists, data analysts.
Programmers (php,mySQL,nodejs), web designers (html,js,css), app developers for android and iOS, blockchain, bitcoin and lightning network developers.

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Fabio Giardina
Business Development & Consulting
Vat No. IT02652420999
[IT] Genoa, via Ferriera 9, 16010 Mele
[IT] Venice, Via A. Poerio 19, 30171
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