The 4 skills on which to focus your attention

if you want to grow your company

is how you tell your story.

is the monetization strategy.

Business Development
is the creation of a sales network.

is the art of attracting opportunities.

To align these 4 elements in the
context of your business

You should train and develop a multi-disciplinary vision.

But in reality it's simpler.
The breakthrough often arrives

When you stop thinking that you can do it all by yourself

and that you can do it really well.
Here you discover the importance

to find few partners, very competent and reliable.

In this context I can help you with
three specific consulting services:

Strategic consulting

I analyze every corporate and fiscal, technical and operational, marketing and sales aspect. I propose and carry out through my team a turnkey integrated development plan which resolves and aligns by successive steps all the shortcomings highlighted.
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Premium marketing

I study, plan and execute turnkey through my team a marketing strategy aimed at repositioning the company in the high-end segment of your market niche. I enhance the differentiating elements, if necessary by creating new brands.
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Business development

Action aimed at the commercial development and internationalization of your reference market to be implemented through networking, online marketing campaigns, global commercial partners and temporary export management services.
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You will have at your disposal
a Multidisciplinary Team

tax planning

The integrated multidisciplinary know-how of our group
If you consider this supervision useful to your business

We will study a multidisciplinary
integrated strategic plan

that aligns all the factors and is turnkey for you.

You will learn the simplicity of
increasing your managerial skills

while you carry on your business day by day.

You will also get access to
our partners' discounts

Do you think all this
could be useful to you?

Invest a minute

to figure it out with this test

Your skills

Evaluate from 1 to 10 the level of expertise you and your team own in matter of:

6 Tax planning
6 Performance audit
6 Marketing & Communication
6 Business development
6 Export management
6 Cloud, IT & Smart Working

Your business

Please enter the information about the customers of your business. If you have never calculated these values, try estimating them.

6 Years of activity
(set maximum if higher than 30)
6% Product/service essentiality
(how essential is your product/service for the customer to live)
6% High-end customers
(% of clients who spend immediately more for quality)
6% Recurring customers
(at least 1 annual purchase or periodic subscription)
6% Recurring turnover
(% of turnover generated by recurring customers)
6% Fixed costs coverage
(which % the recurring turnover covers all fixed costs such as office, personnel, etc.)
6% Abandon rate
(% of recurring customers who stop buying or unsubscribe from the second year)


This preliminary analysis does not take several factors into consideration. Request a consultation to obtain a more in-depth analysis.

Exploitation of potential
It is your current ability to attract customers and extract profit in proportion to the potential you could achieve by optimizing every aspect.
Financial freedom
It's the ability of your business to sustain itself in the medium term if you stop investing in finding new customers.
Financial Resilience
It is the probability that your business will survive to severe financial shocks caused by external agents without the injection of new capital.


Based on the values you entered, the following considerations may be useful:

Exploitation of potential
Financial freedom
  • [TXT:423]
  • I tuoi clienti ricorrenti sono propensi a spendere in media il 0 in più dei clienti normali. Prova a prendere in considerazione tecniche di up-sell e cross-sell per aumentare ulteriormente l'importo medio speso annualmente da ognuno di essi.
  • [TXT:425]
  • Se riuscissi a incrementare solo del 0 il numero di clienti ricorrenti e riuscissi ad aumentare del 0 l'importo medio speso annualmente da ognuno di essi, porteresti la copertura dei costi fissi garantita dai clienti ricorrenti al 0.
  • Un tasso di abbandono dei clienti ricorrenti del 0% è superiore al 0 e ciò indica che qualcosa non va nella tua offerta. Lavora per renderla più esclusiva e maggiormente targetizzata su una specifica nicchia di mercato.
Financial Resilience
  • La resilienza finanziaria serve a valutare il grado di solidità della tua azienda qualora il mercato nel quale operi subisse un forte shock di natura finanziaria. In linea generale considera che più il prodotto o servizio che vendi è essenziale al cliente e più ti rivolgi ad un segmento altospendente, maggiore è la probabilità che la tua azienda sopravviva, poiché è maggiore la probabilità che i tuoi stessi clienti sopravvivano e che lo facciano avendo ancora bisogno di te.
  • [TXT:429]
  • L'adozione di ottimizzazioni fiscali quali l'azzeramento dei costi indeducibili, l'utilizzo di royalties mediante marchi e brevetti, la costituzione di holding e gruppi possono aiutare legalmente a ridurre il total tax rate e liberare fino al 25% di risorse da dedicare alla tua crescita.

Now you are aware. It's up to you to make the right choice.

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We help the Italian industry to export Made in Italy in the world through a global network of temporary export managers and business developers.
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